Privacy Policy

  • Introduction

    Catherine Lansfield Home protects the personal information of its users and respects your privacy. In general, our website can be browsed without the need to share any information from your part. This document informs the user of the use we make of your personal information where such information is necessary for the provision of our services.

  • Information Register

    The use of Catherine Lansfield Home website does not imply registration of any personal information, except in the case of a registered user that has accessed prior to his personal area. If personal information is requested for registration, the reason for this request will be indicated. Catherine Lansfield Home won’t supply, without written consent, your information to third parties. There are services that include the automatic sending of emails, which will only be activated after prior authorization of the user. There is always available an option to unsubscribe. It is the users sole responsability for the accuracy, legality, legitimacy and update of all personal data provided.

  • Cookies

    Catherine Lansfield Home website uses cookies in some parts, the main objective is to improve the usefulness and ease of browsing of our website and to verify that you have permission to access certain services. If you choose not to receive cookies when you visit our website, you should set your browser to be alerted before registering a cookie on your hard drive and refuse it when it is detected. You can choose to refuse all cookies by setting your browser. We alert to the possible need to enable cookies in order to browse Catherine Lansfield Home website.

  • Use of registered information

    Catherine Lansfield Home uses the information provided by the user on its website with the sole purpose of processing requests for products and services.

  • Data security

    User data that is recorded on our servers is always protected by a login and password. We recommend the user to regularly change their password to access to Catherine Lansfield Home, in order to better  ensure their safety. To better ensure its safety, Catherine Lansfield Home doesn’t store on its servers the data of your credit card.

  • Sharing of information

    The user’s personal information will never be shared to third parties without prior permission. In case there is a need for Catherine Lansfield Home to give personal information to other companies, so that a product or service and be supplied, the user will be assured  that only the minimum necessary information is shared to satisfy the request.

  • Other sites

    In certain situations you may encounter on Catherine Lansfield Home website  links to other sites external to it. Catherine Lansfield Home does not share your personal information with these websites and assumes no responsibility for their privacy policy.  Users should consult the privacy policy of the sites they are browsing.

  • Privacy policy changes

    The privacy policy may, at any time and without notice, be amended by Catherine Lansfield Home. Users already registered with Catherine Lansfield Home website, will be duly notified of the changes made in our privacy policy, as soon as you access your personal area.